Plans for the week of 4/18

Hi guys!

So, as many of you know, I have been wicked busy with commissions. The rest of my week: I spend working in a walk-in gym daycare in the morning and switch to assist with preschool in the afternoon. For free-time? Free-time is family time and then my art to keep paying bills with continued inflation.  To be honest it’s kind of been a sick joke: Everytime I get caught up, rent goes up or something like a pandemic happens. 

ANYWAYS, I will continue to keep myself on the right track and push relevance in the algorithms. For too long I have allowed myself to be walked on and used by others for their personal wants and gains with no benefits to myself. For too long the judgments of others have impacted my decisions and I have suffered not only financially, but mentally. No more. Will it be hard to push through these things? Absolutely, but if I want to progress the way I would like to, I need to learn to say No and I need to stop thinking I am a burden on others when I am trying to push my artwork for profit. 

With that said, Welcome to the chaos folks!!! At some point the hard work will be acknowledged and all of this will pay off, but before then I have to put my mind on auto pilot mode. So, to continue to keep myself accountable, I am going to make it a habit to be consistent with posting and being more transparent with my day to day life.

This is the todo list for the week:

  • Work on Lady Di Coloring Book
  • Conure
  • Add 4 new stickers
  • Yorkshire Pig
  • 1 video (this is going to be a hard one, cause I am scurd.)
  • VW van
  • Spotted hyena love

I have 7 days to work on these things and I will be updating as I go in my stories. The Spotted  hyena will be making the rounds for the next two weeks along with a chance to win stickers. If you are interested in supporting me please feel free to share my content with your friends! 

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