Farm Flora and Fauna series – The Yorkshire Pig and Dandelion.


It is official: After months and months of juggling life and commissions I finally managed to start my farm flora and fauna list. May I present you the Yorkshire Pig and the Dandelion. Both organisms have sustained millions and have done quite well in the durability department.

So, at first I called this the Yorkshire pig, which it is, but the more common name is Large White pig Sus domesticus. The Large whte pig is the most common pig in the world and has a branch in the United States: American Yorkshire. This is literally where the bacon comes from folks. These pigs have had a huge impact on the human population, not just in sustaining us with food, but these pigs have also sustained people financially all over the planet.

Despite our consumption of the animal, they are a being never the less and even though I partake in the deliciousness of bacon, I wanted to make sure that I portrayed the personality. Pigs are proud, they emulate their contentment with life with how indulgent they are with the world around them. I love how this happy fellow turned out and I actually got this one on video so that you can see the process.

Pig Drawing Process


The Dandelion


I will be coming back to the dandelion periodically throughout the summer. There is so much going on with this plant that it would be a disservice not to talk about it more than once.

Found on 6 continents and packed with nutrients, the dandelion is probably the first flower that many of us picked when we were children. There are many different species of dandelions, the genus is Taraxacum, and the study of dandelions is called Taraxcology. At one point in time, the dandelion was considered a delicacy, which with all the health benefits I can see how it would fall into that category.

The nutritional aspect of the dandelion is actually one of the reasons I will be revisiting the dandelion, along with its use for dyes. Nutritionally, every part of the dandelion can be used. Dandelions are packed with vitamins A, C, and K. They also contain moderate forms of calcium, potassium, iron, and manganese. There is a 3% protein content and dandelion can be used to replace coffee (going to look into this as well.) The fact that I haven’t been consuming dandelions (like I used to) is a huge loss on my end and I am going to be correcting this and adding them into my diet again. Anyways, it is a great plant and I am super pumped to be able to show off a bloom!

Dandelion Prints

Yorkshire Pig Prints



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