Spotted hyena craft for kids

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Welcome,  the next two weeks are going to be all about the Spotted hyena! This week has been chosen by a little girl named Elle. Crocuta crocuta aka the “Spotted hyena” has had interaction with the human species since the start of our cognition. The Spotted Hyena is the most prevalent predator in Africa and lives in big social family groups of 80+ that are led by a Dominant Female. Although they are associated with consuming only decaying food, they are excellent team hunters. I highly suggest viewing this Video:, to see how Spotted hyenas use their iconic laughter to communicate with each other. 

Spotted hyenas have the most nutritious breast milk in the animal kingdom and can leave their young alone and unfed for up to 5 days after a single feeding. To be honest, every time I have got to look for stuff on Spotted hyenas, a plethora of cool stuff has popped up. Spotted hyenas can bite through bone and they have one of the most interesting ways of reproduction in the animal kingdom and I highly recommend checking it out here:

Spotted Hyena Craft 


Construction paper





Spotted hyena craft template
Original Example

I decided to keep everyone’s Spotted hyenas the same colors, due to visually enjoying these colors together. The meat with the bone was voluntary as was the choice of placement. Pieces are all placed biggest to smallest and please keep in mind that the examples are placed together in a fast paced, walk in gym daycare. A great deal of these projects are created with smaller siblings trying to steal glue sticks and paper. 

Anyways! There are some links down below and the next few weeks I will be sharing a great deal of information on Spotted hyenas and their interactions with humans. 

Prints Available Here

Weather Resistant Stickers Here

Spotted hyena information:

Why hyenas laugh:

Genna’s Spotted Hyena Clan

Wild Spotted Hyenas

Arctic Hyenas, Spotted Hyena predecessor 

Inside a hyenas mouth