My name is Lindsey Munson and I am an artist, originally from Molunkus, Maine, currently living in Billings, Montana.

I thought this would be slightly easier than it is, the number of probabilities and possibilities that I could write about is outstanding. Unfortunately, I have procrastinated an explanation of myself for over a 34 year period, with a myriad of apologies that I have blatantly used as a distraction, and I highly doubt that this “About Page”, will get the job done.


I am creating original artwork for lesser-known animals in our world. To do this, I have been combining videos, pictures, and educational articles to create these images. 


As I continue to draw these animals, I hope that I can inspire those to take more notice of the big and small. To appreciate that what we have around us and to be kinder to our roommates on this planet.

About The Artist

Ok! Well,  I am Lindsey and I enjoy our planet. 

I suppose.

While I have you here.

I might as well tell you lot, a little about myself.

I grew up in the backwoods of Maine, to two wicked cool people that love the absolute hell out of each other and out of me. I have been to 39 States and 5 Canadian Provinces and I am not done traveling. My son has been an absolute joy, the easiest thing I have ever done in my life, is being a parent. I know there are people cringing at that comment and I get it, its a personality type and I accept that I am a weirdo. I also accept that my way of parenting is not for everyone. Parenting is super customizable and as long as the basics are covered and the quality of time is there, sounds good to me! 

I have worked at some pretty cool jobs over the years (Thank you Viorel Popescu). College was a waster 4 years. I have an Associates’ degree in Medical Assisting and I am a year away from a bachelor’s in Microbiology with a minor in Early European History. Honestly, I’d rather eat a tide pod than go back and throw more money away.

Life has been wicked interesting. I have been extremely fortunate to meet so many GOOD people in the last 30 years. There have been a few who have disappointed me, but overall, its been a wicked fun ride and super unpredictable.