Art logs for the first week of the year.

January 1st, 2023

Well, I messed up and decided to drink some tranquilizer tea (chamomile), so you guys will be getting this latter, but it’s the act of my doing it that matters. 

Today moved with an activating flow.

 I made it a point to treat this as a break day and get myself mentally ready for the week. Not by any means was my day the definition of perfect, but from the time I got up to where I am sitting now, one event seemed to just roll right into another with random ease. 

My year started off with a bang fitness-wise. 30min walking on a 15 incline with Sudoku and 60-minute legs for strength training. My only fitness goal this year is to finish the hard Sudoku in 20mins. 

Highlights of the day:

  • Gave Lua extra pets (15yr old granny kitty.)
  • Nook (Bird) tried to eat Luas cat food after refilling and got rightfully swatted at. 
  • Fortnite is life
  • Music was on point today. 

By the time 3 rolled around, we had made it to the Yellowstone river to find some rocks and get some MUCH NEEDED outside time. Found some bone fragments and the usual agates and petrified wood. I was reminded of the sound that shallow ice makes and what an opportunity it is to visually learn in a somewhat frozen environment: Breaking ice to find out how it forms. Walking on ice. Feeling water flowing around the ice. Popping little ice pockets. 

What else? We spotted a Bald Eagle, a whole bunch of Canadian Geese, and Wood Ducks. On the way out we saw some turkeys and a wall of European Starlings. 

The rest of the day finished with the normal evening routine, and the addition of this entry. 10/10 ready for the morning.


January 2, 2023

Things I checked off:

  • Dusted the printers, computer, and Cricut
  • Chest workout
  • 20min Strider
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Updated commission prices

I officially updated my commission prices and spent a good amount of time updating my site today. There is now a reCAPTCHA to block spam entries, hurry for plugins! Besides that, I am fairly mentally beat and that’s why I have decided that these art logs will be updated through out the week.

Weird thing of the day: A Canadian customer was expecting to receive a Blue heron and instead they received 5 Jimi Hendrix prints. I don’t have Jimi Hendrix art. This is now my most random shipping experience to date.

January 3, 2023


Good Morning.