Wrapping up 2022 and increasing my prices for 2023

(I only managed to get this posted on Facebook and Imgur. Got a little more bombarded than I thought I would and some last-minute Christmas orders popped up. So, instead of closing them on the 19th, I officially finish the holiday season on Chrismas eve.)

Christmas orders are officially closed!

Technically they closed Friday night, but officially announced it today: I won’t be taking any more Christmas orders for the year 2022. This was also the most commissions I have ever done in a year and will be posting them all together after the holidays. If you are looking for custom work I am now filling my commission’s calendar for January and the following months at my current prices. BUT LET IT BE KNOWN: I am increasing my commission prices on January 1st, 2023 and due to the fact that I’ve drawn so much over the years, I will require from now on, payment upon placement of order and or 2 WEEKS before your custom order date. I am hoping this will put an end to panic drawing, and the uncommon situation of unpaid commissions. 

As many of you know, my commission prices are some of the lowest out there.  For the quality of work put into the creation, I feel that it’s been a wicked good deal that I have been offering. In fact, I have spent 2 decades (20-something years) drawing and working towards a style, but it’s more than just drawing. I have spent the majority (all) of my life absorbing as much random animal and life information as I can (some things can’t be unseen). Encouraging others to care about the things has always been a massive part of my life, and I knew a long time ago that if I truly wanted to make a difference and help people be a little kinder to those who speak quietly, I could do it with drawing. Drawing things has always helped me understand things a little bit better, and in a lot of cases, these drawings are just a visual representation of how excited my brain is about knowing the individual and components!

This is the skill and service that I provide: I am creating cognitive individuals on a piece of paper because I know like you know: they think. 

When you request a commission from me, you are adding to a giant visual representation that animals express the same emotions (as us) no matter the setting. This is because cognitive emotions are a necessary feature of life and survival for all organisms and are a drive for outward appearance for all beings. The only thing that separates our cognition from theirs is our ability to create what cognition physically looks like aka advanced imagination with physical objects. They are not empty vessels and it’s not our eyes playing tricks on us. Which is the whole vibe of my visual reference book that I have been working on. 


To those of you that have purposefully paid me to add to my animal collection and claimed an original: Thank you, guys! I know this might be weird, but when the paid animal add requests pop up (Kingfisher), I always get excited, cause it’s like someone’s paying me for leisure time. Why? Because I’m watching videos of the common crane for 2 hours doing the most expressive dancing I have ever seen in my life! For the projects that are not loved ones or animals (hussar and the ship),  I do the research needed to make the projects as accurate and scientifically possible as I can and I squeeze relevant movies in the mix. 

I firmly believe: EVERYTHING on this planet deserves the respect of well-intended attempted understanding, even if it has 8 legs. That’s the energy that was spent to create. No matter the appearance, or preconceived worthlessness in your mind, everything deserves the respect of thought.

What else have these commissions and orders been providing besides time and experience? Food and a roof for my family and I, THANK YOU! Honestly, I can’t thank you guys enough, you have helped me to survive so many storms over the years, and to those who haven’t been able to help in a financial way, but have constantly sent uplifting messages, been a friend, shared, checked in, listened to my panic, and pushed me to continue on, THANK YOU! Everything has helped and continues to help! 


Other projects planned?

  • Editing my summer and fall art digitally (more print options and the blue jay is coming.) 
  • Working on a proper introduction for myself and going to finally show the evolution of my style 9yrs-34yrs (woo who).
  • The Hercules Project- I am going to be illustrating the 12 labors of Hercules for the year of 2023. (More info coming.)
  • Animal descriptions
  • Adding new kid projects and updating old kid projects. (They will always be free. I am working on a landing page right now and will be posting that as well with an axolotl.)
  • Digital downloads for stationary and prints. 
  • Physical stationary, postcards, and stickers
  • Paint by numbers 
  • Private zoom art lessons 

Along with the monthly todos, I am ready for 2023 and what it has in store, and I can’t wait to see what commissions are in my future and that’s why, when I do raise my prices in January, it’s not going to be super obscene, because I don’t want to price myself out to much or I might end up missing an individual that has a rare personality. If you are interested in jumping on my calendar for a commission, please feel free to send your Descriptions, Dates, Pictures, and sizing to Lindseyraemunson@gmail.com and we will get started with the process! 

Not interested in getting a commission, but would like to support still? Why not consider adding a sticker to your water bottle, a print to your home, and or a calendar to a desk! I have a bunch of options to pick from at the moment and my printer is ready! If you have already supported me in the past and or don’t have space on your wall, but want to support, pay for “time”, and aid in bills: I am open to taking donations.

I know I should have said a lot of these things sooner! But frankly,  asking for help and sharing the mind has always been hard and I need to get over that internal battle of feeling ashamed when selling my wares and sharing links. I’ve done the work, put the years in, in more ways than I have yet to realize myself,  and that’s why the introduction will be for me as well. As always, thank you again for the years, the uplifting messages, THE TIME, the projects, and the support! I hope everyone has a Great rest of their Christmases and Holiday season and I can’t wait to show you guys some of the gifts that were requested this year! THANK YOU!




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