Art Log – The rest of January 2023

Thirty days into the New Years and as normal there have been good days, there have been bad days. Days where I have struggled to find motivation and days where I felt that I got things done at a super human level. 

The daily art log was already everyday with the amount of messages that I send when I am not drawing. I mean visually the drawings are a journal in themselves, so technically I was attempting to roll around in the beaten dead horse. Regardless, I have managed to get a good picture of where I need to improve and how beneficial it is to be more present in my commitment to the everyday. 

January reset.

There’s really no expectations except for drawing and getting people their art. That’s it. Intrusive thinking has been a huge issue (thank you Carly). So with all of this said, I suppose I should begin the introduction of myself in bits and pieces. If anything this might help release so many of the intrusive thoughts that have popped up in the last couple of months. The added bonus of these random thoughts will also (maybe?) help you lot to get to know me better. 

Random memory.

When I was a child (7 or 8), I got Ranger Rick magazine monthly from my Uncle Stantly and Aunt Candy for my birthday every year.

 I loved it. 

Every month I looked forward to getting that nature filled magazine. I read the heck out of it and did the activities. I remember reading this article about tigers and how they were endangered. Their homes were being taken away and due to lack of food they were preying on livestock, which inadvertently caused them to be killed. Feeling very passionate about these animals and the cycle that they were living in, I told my mother (in the Pj’s Parking lot) that I was going to draw pictures of them and put them on telephone poles to encourage people to be kinder to the tiger. This was in the 90’s and she helped me see the light that it would have been a fruitless effort, due to the fact that Mattawamkeag, Maine had no tigers and therefore wouldn’t care, because they couldn’t help due to proximity. She then gave me my hope back and told me that maybe someday I could help as an adult. 

And so here I sit. Older now and living in a world where no matter what the imagery is, as long as it puts our planet in a positive light it will inadvertently help the tigers in a tiny big way. 

Love more.

Want less. 

Get Outdoors.