Urban farming and Sustainable living

This fall I went and visited my parents back in Maine. One thing that has really stayed with me (besides the fact that I clearly need to move closer), is that I have gotten further and further away from the sustainable lifestyle that I had growing up, and I have traded it in for that of modern convenience and the social laziness that this lifestyle imposes. These conveniences have made me wasteful in many parts of my life and, frankly, I need to cut it out.

For the next year, my family and I will be working towards implementing urban farming and sustainable living (the best we can in an apartment). I will be posting updates to keep track of the process and will be perpetuating accountability. Starting now, I will also be drawing a great deal of imagery that pertains to this type of lifestyle. After recieving two commisions (one of an American Gamefowl and one of an Ausstralian Shepard named “Moose”), I can see that the winds are pushing me to start depicting this enviorment. I hope to encourage others to waste a little less and educate those who want to do something similar.

American Gamefowl

Questions and topics that I am going to work on portraying both visually and verbally:

  • Where does our food come from?
  • Does urban farming and sustainable living help the environment?
  • Rare types of farm animals.
  • Growing plants in an apartment.
  • Interesting plants.
  • Herbs
  • Foraging and utilizing seasonal foods
  • Weird ideas
  • Needs vrs Wants

True statements:

Domestication of animals and gardening are the reasons we exist.

A sustainable lifestyle increases physical activity.

A sustainable lifestyle is bipartisan. 

Physical work and movement are not negative.

Art plan and subject list:

Drawing will only be happening on the weekends unless I get super backed up with commissions. With that said, I am currently open for Commissions. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up, so if you are interested in ordering a custom portrait as a gift, I suggest putting the order in, so that it will make it on time. lindseyraemunson@gmail.com if you would like to start an order.

During the week, I will be focusing on marketing and implementing a sustainable lifestyle in my home. I have created so many pieces over the years, I have realized that I need to put more time and effort into the “written” aspect of this business. 

Down below, I am putting my farm flora and fauna list that I plan on completing by the end of the year. If anyone is interested in also drawing some farm life, please feel free to use the lists!